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Alexander — Who were the parents of Alexander Abbott?
He was the husband of Julia Swegle and son-in-law of Mathias Swegle. We believe they were John W. and Christina (Babbitt) Abbott but need proof.
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John — Who were the parents of John Carney?
This is what we have on him so far: b Abt. 1789 Albany, New York. d. Abt. 1865 Bureau, Bureau Co. IL. He m. Anne Jane Craig sometime before the birth of their first few kids in 1826 or 1818.
space This following is a statement by Mary Gleason, daughter of Eliza Carney Gleason and granddaughter of John Carney. "His parents died when he was 'young'. His two sisters, Eliza and Lavina, raised him. The name was spelled Kearney. The family was Catholic and the sisters wanted him to be a Priest. He did not wish to do so. He went to Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. He changed the spelling of his name to Carney."
space There was a John Kearney listed in the 1813-1816 Albany N.Y. directory who had a grocery and porterhouse. After 1816 he disappears from the directory. He is supposed to have had 2 sisters, Eliza and Lavina. No documentation to prove this is the same John Kearney (Carney). He was born in New York.

space Was John Carney married twice? According to our records, John Carney had a son John b 21 Dec 1818 in Canada. However, John Srís wife was not born until Abt. 1805. This makes her too young to be the mother of John Jr. So Did John Sr have a first wife? Any information will help.
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David — see Mercy M at Swegle Queries

Doke Salina — Does anyone have information on Doke Salina Foster?
Doke was b 25 Oct 1862 Rooks Creek, Livingston Co. IL. d. 04 Jul 1900 Ancona, Livingston Co. IL. She m. Connell Everett Thrasher on 29 Nov 1882 in Owego, Livingston Co. IL. We recently discovered that in the 1870 Census records, she is listed as Salina (the name of her grandmother). We are looking for any other documents that refer to her as Salina.
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Elizabeth — Who were the parents of Elizabeth Kaufman?
She was born 28 Jan 1810 in Lehigh Co. PA, and died 12 Nov 1890 in Cedarville, Stephenson Co. IL. She married Joshua Fink 24 Dec 1829 in Allentown, Lehigh Co. PA, son of John Fink and Catherine Miller. He was born 13 Dec 1807 in PA, and died Abt. 1867 in Cedarville, Stephenson Co. IL. Elizabeth and Joseph had 10 children.
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John — see Carney, John on this page

George — Does anyone have information on George Quigle?
He was the husband of Mary Jane Swegle and son-in-law of Benjamin Swegle. Is his last name correct (even though the marriage record shows it as Quigle)?
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Ruth — Does anyone have any documents related to Ruth Risk?
Ruth was b 13 Oct 1802 in Scott, KY. She married 1. James S Johnson Abt. 1822 and 2. William S Johnson 25 Mar 1841 in Marion, MO. Ruth died 06 Nov 1881 in Lewis Co MO. We are especially interested in documents such as marriage records, obituaries, etc.
space Does anyone have any information on the parents and siblings of Ruth Risk?
The only information we have on her parents and siblings is based on the Will and Estate Settlement of her father, John Risk Jr; Census Records; and History of Lewis, Clark, Knox and Scotland Counties MO.
space Based on these, her father was John Risk (in Scotland this was spelled Risque) and her mother was Nancy Jane Brown. John Risk had 16 children by a first wife and at least 6 by his second wife (Nancy Jane Brown).
space The will gives several names of his children but we have almost no birth dates. We also do not know for sure the first name of Johnís first wife, but it might be Catherine Strain.

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Daniel — Does anyone have documentation for the parents and siblings of Daniel M Roberts?
Daniel M Roberts was b. 22 Aug 1832, IN and d. 18 Sep 1888, Deer Ridge, Lewis Co. MO. He Luvina Elizabeth Hilbert 07 Feb 1855 in Lewis Co. MO.
space The following information is on possible parents and siblings for Daniel based on 1850 and 1860 Census for Reddish Twp Lewis Co MO. This lists Danielís parents as John S Roberts (b 1793 in VA) and Elizabeth (b 1790 in VA) with two brothers: Creed W Roberts (b 1824 in IN) and Edgecomb G Roberts (b 1834 IN).

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many names — see Swegle Queries

Tharp or Thorp
Elizabeth — Who were the parents of Elizabeth Tharp/Thorp?
She was the wife of Daniel Swegle and daughter-in-law of John and Hannah (Coleman) Swegle. All the information we have on her is through cemetery records and the Family Bible of her husband. She was born 04 Dec 1805 NJ and d 21 Dec 1876 Fairview, Fulton Co. IL. Elizabeth Tharp and Daniel Swegle married on 19 Feb 1826 in NJ.
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Margaret — Who were the parents of Margaret Tharp/Thorp?
She was the wife of Benjamin Swegle and daughter-in-law of John and Hannah (Coleman) Swegle. All the information we have on her is received from descendents of her daughter and census records. She was born between 1800-1810 in NJ; married before 1830 in NJ; and died between 1835-1840.
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Betsy — Where is a marriage record for Betsy Thrasher and Eliel Goble? Who were their children?
We know they were married based on the records of Betsyís sister Hannah. We have found information on the ancestors of Eliel Goble (b. 30 Jan 1815 NY). Betsy (b. abt 1823 was the daughter of John and Roxanna (Holdridge) Thrasher.
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Charles S — What happened to children of Charles S and Jane (Cain) Thrasher?
We know of at least three children and are especially interested in information on John C Thrasher (b 29 May 1843 IN) and Samuel Thrasher (b 11 May 1845 IN). Charles S was the son of John and Roxanna (Holdridge) Thrasher.
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Rebecca E — Does anyone have information on Rebecca E Thrasher and her husband, John G Finney?
They were m. on 07 Feb 1838 in Munday, Genesee Co. MI. Rebecca was the daughter of John and Roxanna (Holdridge) Thrasher, was born Abt. 1811, and died in 1844 Jamestown, Chautauqua Co. NY. We have no information on her husband or their descendants and cannot locate them in the any census records.
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Solomon — Who are the ancestors and siblings of Solomon Weiss?
The Church Book of the Reformed Congregation in Lower Saucon Twp. Northampton Co. PA gives this information: "1789 Sept. 28 baptized Solomon, b. Apr. 6, 1788. Parents, Johannes Weisse and wife. Sponsors Wendell Seller and Catrina Appel." His motherís name was Eva ?Ohl. We believe some of his siblings are John, Jacob (b. 10 Dec 1781), and Sara (b. 26 Dec 1796).
space He married Anna Marie (or Maria) Kotz on 17 (or 13) Jun 1810 in the First Reformed Church of Easton, Northampton Co. PA. She was b. 03 Feb 1791 in PA. They migrated around 1850 to Stephenson Co. IL.
space They had 11 children: Julia Ann, Maria Anna (b. 20 Aug 1812), Thomas A (b. 30 Oct 1813), Elizabeth (b. 21 Sep 1815), Sarah Ann (b. 19 Sep 1817), Samuel (b. 1819), Solomon (b. 02 Dec 1821), Sophia (b. 29 Aug 1823), Dianne (b. 1825), Reuben Jackson (b. 31 Aug 1829), and Catherine (b. 1830).
space Solomon Weiss died 03 Nov 1865 in Stephenson County, IL. Anna Marie Kotz died 02 Aug 1879 in Durand Twp, Winnebago Co. IL.

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