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Swegle, Benjamin’s wife — Who was the wife of Benjamin Swegle?
Benjamin was b 17 Dec 1795 and the son of John and Hannah (Coleman) Swegle.
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space 1. Jan F. — I have recently been informed, Ben Swegle m.1. Margaret Tharp, (from a decendant of Joseph Breiner m.Hester Roe Swegle.)
space 2. John C. — My grandmother's Breiner book gives the first name of Ben's wife as being Margaret. I couldn't find any place in the book where it gave Margaret's last name as Tharp. Is there any chance that Jan had Margaret's last name and I had her first name and we where able to match them up?
space 3. Jan F. — A differnt Breiner researcher (not John) informed me that Ben's 1st m. was to female Tharp.

Top Swegle Query 1 — When did Swegle Immigrate from Germany to US?
The Swegle name resided in Germany before first appearing in the United States in the 1786 Tax Records in Morris County, New Jersey. The mystery is how and when the Swegle name traveled to America! Please write if you have information on how and when the Swegle's first arrived in the U.S.
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space 1. Pat W. — I found the following Christening at Perhaps it matches your ancestor, John Swegle. JOHANN ERNST SCHWEG (male) 23 JUL 1769 Evangelisch, Bergkirchen, Lippe, Germany. Father: JOHANN HINRICH SCHWEG. Mother: CATHARINA MARGARETHA ILSABEH BROYER. Source Information — Batch No. J990335, Dates 1766-1781, Source Call No. 0470112, Sheet 00.
space 2. — The earliest ancestor we know of is John Swegle, born in Germany in 1769. The name Johann Schweg is certainly close to John Swegle. The place and year of Christening and Birth also match. But a few more details need filled in such as where in Germany John was from to see if they really are one and the same. Or (working from the other end) what became of Johann Schweg.


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