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Ruth Knable Householder Obituary
"HOUSEHOLDER. — Ruth A. Knable was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, July 28, 1825.

"She married Daniel Householder March 23, 1845. A few years later they moved to Knox County, Illinois, where they lived until 1875, when they moved to Chariton, IA which has been their home ever since. She was the mother of ten children, all of whom except the youngest remain to mourn with their aged father.

"By reason of the infirmities of age, her strength had gradually declined, so that for a year and a half she had not been able to appear in her wonted place in the services of the Church. She was not ill nor confined to her room and the end came quietly and without pain.

"Mrs. Householder found the Lord in her early youth and at first united with the Baptist Church, but upon moving to Illinois became a member of our Church (Methodist Episcopal), which she has indeed adorned by her life these many years. The impression made by this rare spirit upon those who knew her it is difficult to delineate.

"A woman of intelligent faith, fervently loving God and the Church and self-forgetful in her devotion to her home and loved ones, her life radiated influences of whose power and extent she little dreamed. So deep and genuine was her piety and so transparent her life that her words of testimony to the verities of the Christian religion carried profound conviction.

"Her face was illumined by that gracious Spirit which long years ago, she has welcomed to her heart. She was a constant attendant upon the services of the Church. She delighted in sacred song.

"How the prayer meeting was warmed and brightened when this dear saint poured forth in this familiar place the praise, the devotion and the longings of her heart. How earnestly she would pray for seasons of refreshing to the Church, and when penitents bowed at its altars, how often they would request the aid of her wise counsels and effectual prayers as they sought the Father's face.

"She was a succorer of many, and her memory is as ointment poured forth."


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Ruth Householder

Ruth Knable Householder, circa unknown.

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Daniel Householder

Daniel Householder, husband of Ruth. circa unknown.

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Ruth Householder in 1886

Ruth Householder in 1886 at age 61.

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